Silly Proof of Concepts

This page contains information and archived copies of some of the various dumb and silly proof of concepts that I’ve worked on alongside Hyper, most of these were strange ideas that we had late at night and were stupid enough to try and make reality.
These are basically all just silly fun, basically all useless, but may be slightly amusing. The files provided here are the most recent versions I could find in our Discord DMs, so they may or may not be the most recent versions we put together.

Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) – Prop Hunt

Our main, incredibly stupid idea, caused by us screwing around in Greenflower’s two player SET over Parsec. This was possible thanks to how the game does the Snowboard for White Acropolis and Crisis City, where they simple attach a model to a bone on Sonic’s model. By creating a custom package with various prop models in it and picking one at random to attach to Sonic’s root bone, we could kind of replicate Garry’s Mod’s Prop Hunt setup.
This is probably the proof of concept that actually went the furthest, the main thing that caused it to trail off was honestly me being lazy and not wanting to make stage SET files to make it actually “playable”.

Prop Hunt Download

Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) – Rocket League

Yes, really. Shadow has a Jeep, we could easily make a ball to knock around, do the maths. This was mostly just us screwing around with vehicles for the hell of it. We never did get a rip of any of the Rocket League stages…
There was also no way to actually score or anything, so……

Rocket League Download

Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) – Doom

Another case of us being fucking insane. I imported a silly conversion of the E1M1 terrain from the original Doom and decided to mess around with it for the hell of it, partially inspired by us accidentally shoving the camera into the player’s face, by making the model invisible and using Omega, we were able to make a very wonky FPS setup. I don’t know if this is the version that has it (yay for being too lazy to check shit), but we randomly made a thing that slapped a Doomguy sprite over Omega’s model, which looked silly but honestly pretty amusing.

Doom Download