Scrapped Mods

This page contains small writeups and information (mostly from my memory) of various mods that I’ve scrapped over time. Wherever possible, I will be including downloads to the last version of the mod, although some of them are sadly lost to history (unless I ever sent someone a copy for some reason and they still have it).
This list is organised from newest to oldest.
Keep in mind that the ones that I can provide downloads to may be in various states of non-functional, as a lot of these are things that I don’t even remember and just discovered again on my old Dropbox account.

Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) – Iron Jungle

A port of the Iron Jungle stage from Shadow The Hedgehog to the Xbox 360 version of Sonic The Hedgehog (2006). I’m not quite sure what caused me to start messing around with this specific stage, I think it was mostly to mess around with automating porting of Shadow The Hedgehog SET Data?
This stage was mostly complete, the SET Data was pretty much completely done, but I never cleaned up the lighting and sky appearance. The main thing that killed this honestly was my own laziness, as I could not be bothered to deal with converting all the environmental models.

Thankfully, I do still have the files for this, so I can provide them. I imagine if I had finished this I would have done what I did with Greenflower and open source the 3DS Max 2018 projects and other assets.

Iron Jungle Download

Left 4 Dead 2 – Volcano Valley Zone

A custom map for Left 4 Dead 2’s survival mode based on Volcano Valley Zone from Sonic 3D Blast. This map was basically 100% done, but I never wanted to release it as I kept feeling that it wouldn’t be a good one to play despite being a good time with me and some friends.
My hesitation with this is likely caused by me always feeling like it can be made better, rather than finally telling myself “It’s done, release the damn thing already!”.

So let’s release the damn thing already!

Volcano Valley Zone Download

Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) – Mortar Canyon

“But Knux! You released this mod! Shouldn’t this be on the Completed Mods page instead?”
Technically yes, but I even labelled the mod on GameBanana as Abandoned, so I think it fits here.
This was an attempt to port Mortar Canyon from Sonic Forces to the Xbox 360 version of Sonic The Hedgehog (2006), an attempt which didn’t work too well as jezus Boost stage design does not work well with the Adventure formula. I mainly released it so I could stop holding on to the files for a project I knew I wasn’t going to do anything with, so you kind of have this mod to thank for me wanting to eventually make this site.

Mortar Canyon Download

Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) – Furniture Adventure 3

A joke mod, based off a PREVIOUS joke mod where I replaced Sonic’s model in Sonic Forces with a chair model that I took from Left 4 Dead thanks to a conversation I got into regarding some of Forces’ internal workings. At some point, I decided to put that same chair into Sonic The Hedgehog (2006), before having the idiotic idea to make every character a piece of furniture.
This really just died because it was a joke that I kinda tried to keep going rather than just letting it be a one and done. Although I did briefly resurrect it for a stream, where I redid Wheelchair the Silver SOLELY to let Shadow kick it in the back.

I did also proceed to remake the chair part too for April Fools Day of 2021, which was released on GameBanana for shits and giggles.

Killing Floor 2 – Metroid Prime 2 Multiplayer Maps

The last two maps for my project to convert all the multiplayer maps from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes to Killing Floor 2. I never completed the Spires map and the more accurate version of Sidehopper Station to replace my brush based one. This mostly was abandoned due to me hating working with the Unreal Editor used for Killing Floor 2, alongside a general lack of interest in the game turning to distaste.
I believe I did make a version of Sidehopper Station that was playable, as well as Spires. But Spires was a very buggy, unbalanced mess due to the map’s design not translating well.

It turns out that one of my friends had a copy of these two maps still sitting around, so these are saved.

Spires Download
Sidehopper Station Download

Killing Floor 2 – No Mercy III

I’d completely forgotten about this, but there was a point where I ported a small custom map from Killing Floor 1 to Killing Floor 2 for the hell of it, as we used to play this map a lot back in the KF1 days.
I never finished this and never planned to, as it was just intended as a private thing for me and a couple of friends, but hey, it was a thing I worked on, so it’s archived here now.

No Mercy III Download

Killing Floor 2 – Mellow Manor

Apparently I’d tried to port Mellow Manor to Killing Floor 2 at some point, whether or not this was playable I honestly can’t remember, as I’d completely forgotten about it.

This ZIP also contains some assets with the Sidehopper Station name, as I’m not sure if they were used by anything or not, so I’ll just group them in with this.

Mellow Manor Download

Sonic Forces – Wave Ocean 2.0

An attempt to revisit my original Wave Ocean mod for Sonic Forces. This was scrapped around a 90% complete stage (possibly more complete?).
Around the time that I scrapped this, my own self doubts got really bad, leading to me being both unsatisfied with how it was turning out and also actively HATING working on it; as every time I tried I remember thinking “this can be so much better but I can’t MAKE it reach those standards”.

The files for this were lost in one of my routine Windows reinstalls, as I usually opt to use reinstalls as an excuse to throw out abandoned projects. I don’t believe I ever sent this to anybody either, so it may be completely lost to time.

Killing Floor 2 – Soleanna Castle Town

An attempt to recreate the Soleanna Castle Town HUB World from Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) in Killing Floor 2. This map was fully imported, fully decorated with props and stuff, but when it came time to test it, we discovered that it was simply way too large for the game; the distance between Trader Pods was large enough to break the arrows and the ZEDs would simply take forever to reach the players, so I simply gave up rather than trying to sort it (which I could probably have done by trimming the map down to a small chunk rather than the whole HUB world.

It turns out that one of my friends had a copy of this still sitting around, so this is saved.

Soleanna Castle Town Download

Left 4 Dead 2 – Sonic 3D Blast Survival Map Pack

TECHNICALLY this was released, as can be seen on the Completed Mods page, however, it was never properly completed, as the state it was released in was lacking certain maps. I do believe that I worked on the missing acts later on, but never finished them, partially due to me starting to realise that most of the 3D Blast stages (at least in the way I was recreating them) just didn’t work well in Left 4 Dead 2.
It would have been better for me to make original map layouts based on the themes of the zones rather than trying to 1:1 it. But original map layouts are a MASSIVE struggle for me.

It turns out that the backups of these I keep locally are actually a beta version that included those unfinished maps. So they’ve been saved.

Sonic 3D Blast Survival Map Pack (Beta) Download

Sonic Forces – Misty Lake

An attempt to make a stage for Sonic Forces using the layout of Misty Lake from Sonic and the Black Knight. This stage struggled from the gameplay just not working, as the level design in the Storybook games are designed for very specific on rails gameplay, so Forces having full control completely broke the thing in two while also making it clunky to navigate.

I’m certain that I never gave the files for this to anyone, so it’s long lost to time.

Sonic Heroes – The Woods of Light

An attempted port of the intro level from Rayman 2 to Sonic Heroes. This was really just made to learn how to import terrain into Sonic Heroes (and later Shadow The Hedgehog, which led to Greenflower Act 1 existing) and to learn how to use HeroesPowerPlant.
As for why I scrapped it, the stage just didn’t work due to it being a very cramped one, fine for Rayman 2’s slower pace, not fine for Sonic Heroes’ slippery fast paced control.

I’m certain that I never gave the files for this to anyone, so it’s long lost to time.

Sonic Forces – Seaside Hill

An attempt to port Seaside Hill from Sonic Heroes to Sonic Forces. The main purpose of Seaside Hill was to try and build a 3D level for the Classic Sonic Physics Improvement mod; however, even with that mod’s improvements, 3D stages just don’t work for Classic Sonic in Forces, so it eventually trailed off due to me having no good ideas for it.

For the longest time, I thought I’d never given the files for this to anyone, but it suddenly hit me that I HAD. I’d got ĐeäTh to put me together a way to emulate the moving ruins (based on the work he did for his Weapons Bed mod), flicking through our DMs, I found the ZIP I’d sent of the stage files. Although I know I did more work on it after this point, this is the latest I could find.

For the sake of convenience, I’ve also injected the physics for the Classic Sonic Improvement Mod into the files, as they are needed (not that there’s much here to play).

Sonic Forces – Seaside Hill Download

Sonic Forces – Shattered Memories

Oh boy the big one. Shattered Memories was a project for Sonic Forces designed to replace the last stage of the Episode Shadow DLC with a more thematically interesting one. The idea was to use chunks of stages from past games and presenting them as Infinite using the Phantom Ruby to utterly screw with Shadow, rather than just dumping him into ‘Green Hill but it has Cubes’.
This project was shelved thanks to me struggling to make the stage flow well, alongside not liking how it was looking. Shattered Memories is a project I want to revisit some day, but I don’t know if/when that’ll be.
The name was always planned to be a Silent Hill reference, as the original name I was planning to use would have been “Nowhere”, the name of the final area in the original game; before I settled on Shattered Memories, the name of the Wii reimagining of the first game.

Sadly, I don’t believe I ever sent the files for Shattered Memories to anyone, so it’s very likely lost to history.

Sonic Forces Revised

While one stage from this project did get released, I quickly scrapped it while working on other stages due to feeling that my creative process didn’t mesh well with the idea of trying to “improve” existing object layouts; plus I started to realise that a lot of the design decisions I was making in Sonic Forces Revised were, quite frankly, idiotic.

Besides Casino Forest Revised, I never released any of the later Revised layouts, so these are lost too.

Sonic Forces – Greenflower Zone

More of an experiment than anything. This short lived attempt to port Greenflower to Sonic Forces was quickly killed by a collision error which would cause the game to crash when touching a certain piece of land.
Even at that point, I could tell the stage wouldn’t work in Forces, so I didn’t bother to really do anything with it.

As to be expected, the files for this are long since lost.

Half-Life 2: Deathmatch – Crossfire Chaos

Another map port from the multiplayer mode of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes to Half-Life 2: Deathmatch. I don’t believe I even talked about this existing, but I THINK it was pretty much in a complete (or at least playable) state, but was just left on my old Dropbox to rot.

Let’s fix that shall we?

Crossfire Chaos Download

Half-Life 2: Deathmatch – Badwater Basin

A port of the Payload map Badwater Basin from Team Fortress 2 to Half-Life 2: Deathmatch. This was more of an attempt than anything to see if HL2DM could replicate TF2’s Payload gamemode, which it actually kinda could.

I wasn’t even aware this was still on my Dropbox, but it seems like it was, so here it is.

Badwater Basin Download

Team Fortress 2 – Green Grove Zone

A few wonky conversions of my Left 4 Dead 2 Green Grove ports in various stages to two different gamemodes in TF2. Two King of the Hill and one Player Destruction. Frankly, I’m not sure why I have three revisions of it with one being a completely different gamemode, but hey.

For this archive, I’ve opted to just include all three BSPs together.

Green Grove Zone Download

I apparently also made King of the Hill versions of Rusty Ruin and Diamond Dust at some point too, so I may as well archive those here too.

Rusty Ruin Zone Download
Diamond Dust Zone Download

Killing Floor – Green Grove Zone

The only map I ever tried to make for the original Killing Floor and what a shock, it’s a version of Green Grove. As to be expected, this has incredibly janky construction, pathing and stupid, bizarre purple lighting.
Sometimes I wonder what the hell I was thinking back then…

Green Grove Zone Download

Unknown Left 4 Dead 1 srb2.vpk

Frankly I don’t know WHAT this is. Looking into this VPK file (which I found buried on my Dropbox) implies that I was planning to port maps from SRB2 into Left 4 Dead 1 as survival maps? But there’s a massive lack of textures in here and references to Green Grove? Honestly? I have no clue, but hey, it’s here.

Unknown srb2.vpk Download